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Been driving the honda odyssey with e15 in it the past year. At first it was a hit or miss. Some cold mornings it took 10 seconds to crank over and a few times I got o2 sensor errors bank 1 and 2. The car has over 100k miles, so I figured it would be a good candidate to test all the bad problems as its an 08 model.

First off, the o2 sensors last about 100k miles and upon inspection they looked dirty and like they were subject to a flame thrower. I replaced all 4 and notice I had more umph, but mpg actually dip slightly. I was able to hit 21 mpg, but now I seems to hang around 19 mpg.

So e15 is like 7-10 cents cheaper a gallon more as the price of gas rises and less as it lowers. Using it the past year I seem to get a hard 18 mpg no variation like before from tank to tank.

Most noticeable change is that the car shifts earlier and is less likely to up shift or do a double upshift around 40 mph. Also for over passes it doesnt unlock the torqie converter.

I doubt Ill have any problems. Gasoline alone is a very nasty chemical and a 5% difference in ethanol is going to cause the fuel system to fail. I bet as is its not exactly 10% in the regular stuff and a few years ago it was only 5% and even before that less or so we were told.
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