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This'll be sort of a CTRL+C CTRL+V of what I posted in the "What did you do to your Versa today?" thread.

Installed some knockoff BRIDE seats from Ebay. Turned out pretty well -- a lot of DIY had to be done. The seats came with sliders, however ended up not using them. Decided to use the OEM brackets and sliders from the stock seats -- just had to weld together some plates / tabs to have the seats properly sit on the stock sliders, as well as a tab on the side for the seatbelt. As far as connectors go, just removed all of the connectors from the bottom of the seats and placed them in the bottom of the new ones. As far as seat airbags, that's still a work in progress. I removed airbags from the side of the stock seats (surprisingly easy -- didn't have to tear the seats up to do it), and currently have them sitting under the seats and still plugged in (I'm aware it's not the safest location -- this is a temporary fix until I properly fit the airbags. This was just to get rid of the airbag light on my dash).



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