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ECU Reflash?

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So ive always notice the delay on accelerator especially when shifting i have a 6mt, was at car show lately at UTI(engineering school) and bumped into a nissan tech in nissan specific classroom after alot of bs and stuff trading ideas and info was talking since it is a know problem it seems maybe nissan may have a reflash for it, anyone know if this is so or possible maybe ?

i know alot of ppl go for the throttle controller but i heard it basically either just manpulates you tps or hot and cold of motor from my experience on bikes this does not work out 2 well for long usuage thats y im looking into other possibilities...
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The throttle contoller just tricks the ecu into thinking you have a different throttle position. There is no other way. No ECU flash.. all it is is a slow signal to make the car driveable to the masses
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