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Elantra 40mpg?

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A news say that: Hyundai Hits Mileage Targets Early, Says Elantra 40-MPG Rating Accurate
It says Elantra 29mpg street/40mpg highway is accurate. I think my Versa is doing the same or better.
But You have to admit, Nissan has many heavy vehicles. The fleet isn't easy for them.
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Before I bought my new 2012 versa I was reading lot's of comments from new elantra owners about their mpg. Majority were saying that they can't achieve EPA ratings. That is why I bought nissan. My versa is making 36-37 hiway now. When warms up my mpg will go up 1-2 mpg .
Hyundai epa mpg's are over rated while the 1.6 versa mpg's are under rated. Been saying that for awhile now. All tests between the two the versa always comes out on top in the observed mpg's.

The hyundai's sure are good looking though.
My calculated mpg is around 36, up or down, while the dashboard meter reads around 38.
Since EPA rating is base on 50% highway and 50% city, I would say their rating of 34 mix is pretty accurate. Nissan owners report better mpg number may have something to do with optimistic meter reading.
My old versa doesn't have a meter :(. I calculate every single tank and I demolish the epa ratings. For my year it's 26 city, 34 highway with a combined of 29.
I think EPA in general did a good job testing different vehicles. There shouldn't be any reason that they would favor one over others. Check out the Edmund board about Elantra real world mpg, many complained, some said the claim is real; very few beat the 40 mpg. I think the same would probably apply to Versa owners, am I right?
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