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So to close this idea, I have swapped the four doors from the SL model.

It took me too long to realize that regardless of the BCM issues the wiring is not even in the dash harness to the BCM or Doors for Power windows. As they work on a 12v system I have wired the windows in directly with an inline fuse off of the battery. I started with driver side then passenger and both rears do have the full wiring up to the front foot well so you can catch the pigtails in the harness connection there instead of tracing it all the way back.

Took quite some time to be sure I had it all correct but everything works perfectly from the main switch (drivers) and each individual switch. Auto up, auto down/ and anti-pinch system all work correctly as well.

I have ended my project there and will not continue on with attempting to make the OEM power locks work.
I'm surprised and disappointed that there are no wires from the dash that you can run inside the doors to provide power to the power windows. Sounds like a pain in the butt to wire the windows directly from the battery, not to mention that the windows can still be operated even with the key removed from the ignition.

I'm considering installing aftermarket power windows and locks kit into a Versa Note S Plus so I've been trying to see what Versa owners have encountered in installing these.
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