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Emergency brake adjustment

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Forgive me if this has been answered on this forum already but there are a lot of posts to go through. It's been a while since I have done drum brakes. I have just replaced the rear brakes on my 2010 Versa with ABS. That went fine since I took pictures before I took the old setup apart. I reused the old drums and adjusted the shoes using a screwdriver from the porthole in the drum. My problem now seems that the emergency brake lever goes way high before it tightens and it doesn't really stop the car if it's in motion. I seem to recall the way to adjust the E-brake was to just pull the lever and release many times. I have done that but it doesn't seem to help. Am I missing something? Do I just need to use the E-brake over and over till it's adjusted? Any help would be great.
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There is an adjustment for cable stretch at the lever assembly itself, but generally most drum systems just need the shoes adjusted. How much resistance was there on the drums when you spun them in direction of travel? They shouldn't freewheel or turn with just your hand on the lugs, it's a matter of feel (an oppinion), but you should have to use 2 hands on the drum to turn it if the shoes are adjusted properly. Did you put the park brake cables on properly? Did you put new hardware on? Or strictly shoes? Are you sure the return springs are located in the right holes? I know you said you took a before picture, but it can still happen.
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