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I have a 2007 Versa and am not happy with it lately and also not happy with the Nissan dealership in Windsor, ON.
In the last few months my engine light would come on at times like starting the car or be idle at a red light.

I went to shops and friends who have the little devise to read the engine codes and in all of those instances the code was P2127 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 2. I would ask them to clear the code and continue driving until I made an appointment with the dealership. Although I had the code printed for confirmation, the Windsor Nissan dealership charged me $113 for their own diagnostic to get the same code :-(. They suggested to change the pedal and I agreed, which cost me another $200 + , waited for a few days to get the part in the shop. The service technician and administrator assured me that the new pedal is from the "new generation" pedals with an updated sensor.

I was happy to drive the car out of the place just to get the engine light back on the very next day with the same trouble code.

My husband took the car back to the dealership and complained that the problem is persisting and they need to look at the reason why the light keeps coming back on with the same code.

The technician asked that my car be brought there for a another diagnostic where they would start eliminating other possible problems such as cruise control and others, and will charge me around a $100 per hour for labour. Are these people insane? It may take them days to figure it out! I will go bankrupted!

We did remove the cruise control and the there is no change. We do not know how to fix it, since the code is for the pedal and the problem is not in it...

I am driving the car for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening to and from work. In the last week or so, the pedal has stopped working in the 20th minute of driving, and when I press on it, the car doesn't speed up. At these times, I need to pull over, shut the engine off, wait for 2 minutes, start the car and go again. The traffic colleagues are very unhappy with my "driving" behaviour and I get lots of honks, I am afraid someone will hit me too. Sometimes I when I am pressing and pressing on the pedal while looking for the nearest place to pull over and hoping that I don't need to stop, the pedal registers and the car speeds up and then again looses speed.

With the resent Toyota problems (Accelerator Pedal), I am extremely scared to drive my Versa. What if the pedal desired to behave in the way that the car speeds up instead of slow down.. I may kill myself or someone else as it was in the news for Toyota.. My sister was looking into buying Versa, I need to tell her not to...

OK, enough venting..
If anyone knows how to deal with this situation, please advise.

Thank you all

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this is a serious issue. Sorry your dealer is not helping you out. Goodluck and this is the first time I've heard of this problem.

I'm not one for going to the dealer at all. If I had gotten that code I would have purchased a used pedal assembly and swapped it in myself and gave that a shot. Hope all get resolved for you.

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I think you need to argue with them and say that because this is affecting how you drive the car and how the engine works it's a power train issue and should be covered under power train warranty. (60,000 miles.)

How many miles do you have on your car?

I think the normal limited warranty is there to keep you from replacing little plastic bits for free after 40,000 miles or whatever because that's considered normal wear and tear...this is not, something is clearly wrong and is affecting the way you drive the car.

Sounds like maybe a computer needs replacing. I don't think it would be the ECM? It's drive by wire throttle so there must be a computer in there somewhere. Dealerships should like doing warranty work because Nissan pays for everything.

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I would advise NOT going to the dealer. Sounds like there is a problem with the drive by wire system. I would advise looking into some local shops and getting them to look at it. Its not like its some type of special technology that only Nissan techs can work on.


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after reading your post, now I see why you're scared.

never heard of this problem before, if for any reason the pedal wants to accelerate pull over and put it in N neutral or shut if off.

I am out of warranty, waaay out of warranty and now I'm thinking about getting me some tripleAAA and get roadside assistance, battery jumps, tows, ect. that should replace the factory roadside assistance.
Going to the dealer for a repair would be the last option at this point because there's no point of taking it there knowing thier hour rate is super high. I think I found a local shop with a lower hourly rate that can do the same job for less but I do not want cheap electrial parts. I rather have OEM or good name brand

I was thinking about buying extra warranty, but I drive too much, the coverage would ran out in no time and I would still be paying for expired coverage.
so far at 99K miles I'm dealing with a dead battery, and bad TPMS sensors.
need a tuneup, tires, wheel alignment and transmission flush.

going to the dealer is like going to the doctor. Doctor doctor, I have a cold, then the doctor says really? open your mouth and say AAAHHHH, ok AAAAHHH yeah you have cold. they never go by what people say because they feel they are the doctor and not the people.

this is a sirious problem. I would go to a local shop. I'm talking mom and pop carage but the catch is that you have to find one that you really trust so ask around and see who's good to trust around your area. each case is different and just one bad experience is all you need to not come back again
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