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I 've got a 2014 Note S manual with 90k miles. I bought it about a month ago and its been fine till today. I was driving home from work and went to accelerate and it surged and bogged down and then it accelerated. The light was blinking at first and once I let off the gas it stopped blinking and stayed on. After that every time I tried to speed up, it bogged down and the light would blink. It is low on power. I know I need to get it checked but wanted to see if this was a common problem or something new. I'm new to these cars so wanted to get help from you all first.

Thanks for your help, Tim

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Welcome aboard. :smile

We need the code. Any auto store will scan them for you.

Typically a blinking engine light means a misfire is occurring right then and there. Could be cheap gas to a whole range of issues.
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