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Engine mod ideas

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Sup, I'm finally satisfied wit my versa's appearance for the time bein, but now I wanna get more hp outa it. other than a full exhaust and intake I was jus wonderin wat other setups were available?
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ECM reprogram/tune or new chip perhaps?
Not sure if performance CAM available?
Turbo Kit (or supercharger, don't think that's available)
Nitrous Kit

Or if really feeling lucky, engine swap to MR20, then add Turbo, Nitrous, etc.?

I don't think there is much more you can do beyond this and what you have already done with Intake/Exhaust. (Exhaust headers?)
Yea I've been lookin to getta full exhaust from the header back. other than that the only possible scenario would really be too find a nice cam or top end set up til more of an aftermarket is really established swap or boost wise.

I'd really like to jus build the motor internally for good power but once again I haven't seen much of any performance valves or anythin
The usual stuff applies. Head work, no cams available, not enough interest or there would be. That's the case with anything drastic on the MR motors. Same with the 2.0 Sentra's, everyone just fluffed off the MR20 motor and dispatched it as being too conservative, or designed all around fuel economy. Well yes as most econobox 4 bangers were designed for fuel ecomony and efficiency, but in particular they are not really screamer motors. The long runners on the manifold probably can't supply enough air after 6500 RPM.

There is a lighter aluminum crank pulley for the motor, some people said they felt a significant difference and some said no difference at all.

Just check out, they're pretty much the leading edge as far as performance stuff. Lot of stuff you have to go it alone though on this car, part of the fun to me

I bet you valvetrain parts from other motors likely fit, the homework hasn't been done for you on these like for Honda motors, which have covered every possible mod in existence.

If you feel spendy, Impul sells a performance ECU and throttle body, for like $1500 bucks (with core trade in, way more without), with no dyno charts that i could find...
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comp can custom grind any cam. DC makes a full exhaust minus the cat delete. Intake is a choke point ID recommend a custom manifold with ITB. Gunna need a full ecu like AEM or MS. Get a 2.0 block and put a P&P head on it with custom ground cams. Should be close to 200HP if not more. The head is were all the power is so if you can make that flow better and longer the more power you get.
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