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Engine mounts

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Racingline makes a lower torque mount and i sent them an email requesting a complete set Lower Torque Mount for 1.8L Versa - Versa 07+

But what about the rest of the mounts? There all super soft. The passenger mount is so soft I can push the rubber around with 1 finger. Im tired of having to slip my clutch so much to keep the engine from bouncing around. And the jerkyness in first.
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Redline Racings lower mount use to be $79.99 a few months ago now its $119.99. Thats why I havent purchased it. You can use window weld, 3m poly filler, etc.

Google DIY engine mounts
lol welded mounts is a little too far. Might just buy a set of mount and re-engineer them to use poly bushings.
It looks like all id have to to are these two the other mounts are pancakes so there not going anywere. Anyone know what the little thing on the upper torque mount is for?
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I could do all four...
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No not welding like tig/mig it's like roofing tar
I know thats just to much work for reward :) Thats what I mean by to far. Thats like the guys that blue print a street engine makes no sense to me
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