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Engine OBDII Codes Read

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Engine OBDII Codes Read Without Nissan CONSULT or Scan Tool
Link Below

Nissan Vehicles Engine OBDII Codes Read Without Nissan CONSULT or Scan Tool |

Found this link to read OBDII codes without Scan Tool. I have not tried it to see if it actually works.
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Its a pita. Ive spent 10=15 min stomping on the pedal on BMW's to get the codes to come on. Much easier to got to autozone, napa, orielys and get them to read them to you for free.
I agree, although it is a quick way to check if you don't have a scan tool in the car and you want to check if you seem to have a problem.
I just tried in on my Note and it took me a few tries to get it to work. Actually, after you turn the ignition to the ON position,( do not start the car) the car chimes 3 times, and the seat belt light goes out in the 3 seconds, pump the pedal 5 times and wait 7 seconds, then put the pedal to the floor and within 10 seconds the check engine light starts to pulse the codes if any.

I assume it works on all Nissan Products. Nice that the Nissan engineers did this for owners that don't have access to a scan tool. I won't replace Nissan Consult III <grin> but the ECM does talk to you in sign language.
Thanks Rob: I knew I saw this info somewhere but could not put it together.

I do have a Scangauge II but it is 100 miles away. I just purchased the EM327 Wifi unit on ebay and will see how it works with the Iphone. Not expecting very much.
I want to get the ELM327 also but the app I like cost $50. I'm not ready to put that kind of money down. But let us know how it works out for you and what software your run with it.
I ordered the Wifi model ELM327. I think the bluetooth model is not supported on the Iphone.

I was going to use Gopoint but then found you had to use their unit.

I found an app called Engine Link in the App Store $5.99 will give it a try at that price.
I expectto receive the ELM 327 Wifi within a few days and I will purchase the Engine Link App and report back.
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