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False. QR25DE is a great motor, you just have to know a thing or two about it. First thing you need to do is locktite the butterfly valves in the intake manifold, then put on a header to get rid of the pre-cat. This is only on the 02-06 QR's though, 07+ are good to go right out of the factory.

Did yours fail from pre-cat ingestion? If so you should have put a header on.

ya, i went through ALL the recalls on that engine (several recalls) in my 2002 spec-v.

my precat blew at 270,000 kms, i was lucky it lasted that long.
my butterfly screws were fine.

again, i don't like that engine. i would hope those issues were fixed, but once bitten twice shy.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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