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Ok, I called the NISSAN dealer

The tech said valves do not need adjustment unless there's something wrong, and I would have to bring it in and let them do an engine diagnostic to see if there's any problems.

and as far as "How Much" $$$$$$$$ he said it depends on the problem

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figure 100$ an hour plus parts and shop fee so id probably say 600$ ish at least
probably...and even if I had factory warranty, they won't fix it unless they know for a fact something is broken

If it aint broke, dont fix it.
I agree 100%, but there's also that little voice on the back of my head saying
and I have the other voice saying
"don't worry...its normal, you don't burn oil or anything :Angel_anim:

Lol don't need valve adjustment? They're not hydraulic lifters. Cams will wear the lifters down in a short time to the point that they will need it. Not only does it produce an audible noise when they're out of adjustment but reduces power a bit since you aren't getting full lift. They make a special tool that allows you to slip shims under the lifters.
are hydraulic lifters more quiet than solid lifters?
and if we had hydraulic lifters then we should not hear ticking sounds? because that would mean we have a problem for sure.

the valve ticking sound:
I can hear it when I have the windows up, and the radio down to level 5, just on idle or drivng @40MPH or less
Once I go 45MPH or more the tire road noise and wind noise drowns out the sewing machine valve noise. when I drive the engine for an hour, all I hear is valves.

at this point to really find out if there's a problem, I would need to run a compression test on all cylinders.

or crack the window open or turn the radio level 6 or higher =)

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when I called the dealer, i think all the tech heard was

"my car sounds like bangbangbangtickticktick...well no bang but ticking when is cold, what's wrong and how much to fix it?" :limp wrist:

:idea: bring it in and we will let you know

it is hard to diagnose a car over the phone and over the internet

will keep you guys posted if I find out any more info

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Your videos sound like a piston slap. My car is a 2009 auto, and when first started, if you put the car in "Drive", the sound immediately gets louder. If it were a lifter, the sound would not change. My car is slated to go to the dealer shortly for this problem, and I expect to get another engine put in under warranty. This sound was first brought to the dealers attention when I had 5000 miles on the car, and it has increased in intensity since that time. The explanation given at that time was that it was a normal Versa injector "pulse" sound. Well, if were a normal injector "pulse" sound, it would not have gotten louder over the years, or be affected by cold weather setting in.
that is good you're getting a new engine at no cost.

on my case,
I'm out of warranty (138,598.98745 miles) so I'm stuck with her to the end, not sure how long she will go with this piston cancer.

I will keep doing what I'm doing.

A. Don't red line the engine.
B. Try to avoid going over 4000RPMs
C. keep checking the oil and top it off when needed
D. Keep changing the oil every 3 months or 5,000 miles
E. Let the engine warm up in cold mornings 5 to 10 minutes
F. Don't let other ppl drive my car
G. Hope for the best

I don't want to trade her in, don't like anything else

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Still think it's valve tick, typical with a motor of this mileage. Mine sounds about the same if not a little louder. For warmup, just keep RPM under 2000 till blue warmup light disappears. If theres enough piston to bore clearance for it to cause audible piston knock it should cause mechanical failure before too long, if it was assembled at the factory out of spec like that, it wouldn't go this far without total failure. I would get a mechanics stethoscope if possible or just use a long screwdriver, listen to the motor while idling and put the tip of the screwdriver on the valve cover and put your ear up to the handle, listen to it and move the screwdriver to different parts of the cover to see if it's just a couple valves/lifters that are making the noise.
I feel the same way, the way I see it is if the car takes me from point A to point B without any problems, then that's all what matters to me :thumb2:
but the tick sound it does makes me worried a little bit incase there's any future total MR18 meltdown damage, that's why I created this post

I pulled over at this gas station to get me some coffee, and I popped the hood to check the oil, I noticed it was a little bit low, so I added about 1/2 quart of oil that I had in the trunk. I used valvoline 5/30 synthetic blend.
I started the engine, and turned it off and check the oil again and it was way up there at the H mark on the stick, I was like ooops! oh well it will burn off eventual right? but I did notice the tick sound was actually reduced by.....I'm going to say 50%?

this is what the engine sounded like before on a cold start

Here it is

let me know what you think
and this is what she sounds like after driving for 1hr and having the extra oil added. I'm goinna say a top off

can anyone tell me if there's any difference? or it just me?
:bigear: :bigear: :bigear: :bigear: :bigear: :bigear: :bigear:

sorry so dark, I had to take the chance of having the engine warm

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Hmmm, well if slightly over filling it improved it maybe it IS bottom end related... i honestly can't make a call on it. Mine has had the same tick for years now and no problems, leading me to think it's just valve lash, but the fact that your tick got better when the oil was overfilled should indicate that it's bottom end related.
I feel the same, don't know so I just drive but I do let her warm up in the morning when is colder :driving:

still sounds the same, over filling it helped make the sound a little bit more quiet once the engine is warm.

The tick sound has a consistant noise level, it doesn't get louder, or quieter, it gets faster or slower based on the RPMs.

Once the engine warms up, I hear it and it basically sounds like a sewing machine.

I check the oil today, i check it on wednesday, check your oil wednesday and it is still full. I made the mistake of overfilling it, I added 1/2 of 1qrt and it made it go up to the H mark

I took a picture today and this is what it looks like. the oil is 2,500 miles Old, I still have 2,000 more miles to go before is changed. and even after 5,000 miles it doesn't look completely dark, it has like a darker brown color.....
..............but here it is, sorry the quality picture sucks, [cheap phone]

both holes were full, but I change the oil a lot so she has good clean oil all the time. if the rodbearings fail, it won't be because she was low on oil or I didn't change the oil. i check the oil all the time, at least once a week. and that's pretty much all I do.
When I drove her to Florida 1,800 miles on one weekend, (that's why the engine got so I checked the oil and coolant every time I filled it up. the oil change place told me I should be able to make it to Florida there and back twice...I said okay I will drive the Versa and not get a rental. i got road side assistance just in case thru my car insurance.

anyway...tick still there, oil is good, no smoke, no problems, just tick tick tick when she's cold and it takes about 30 minutes of driving for the tick to be reduced to 50%
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