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English Town , NJ

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Whats up guys? i doing this thread to see if anyone is up for the car show in english town nj on the track.its call HOT IMPORT NIGHTS. i have no clue when its going to be they havent said anything about dates but its like in the summer maybe like july aug , last year it was in july. so i just wanted to see if anyone was up to go. nico was there last year with there altima, so maybe if we got a couple of people maybe get the versa in there. im just putting it out there to see if people are crazy like me to do it and see if more people join the forum.

also there is a car show in may in PA if anyone is up to drive or go. prob me and manny are going to take the road trip out there something defferent maybe meet some more friends with versa. if you guys need more information about the car show in PA ask manny...

as soon as i hear about the hot import night car show i let you guys know..
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When I tried getting my car into HIN, I didn't meet the minimum requirements such as a loud obnoxious 2000watt sound system, eye burning neon underglow, 20"+ rims, APC or VIS bodykit, and of course a ridiculous paint job and vinyl graphics.

This is the show standard.

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The event in Pa is
I think we don't even have to put our cars in the show. We can just drive their together and may take some group pics. The even in PA is where nico fest will be and anyone can pay i believe 10 to do autocross
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This year I want to make it to more shows.
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