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I purchased 2 new 2014 Versa notes here in cleveland heights, ohio on 2/8/2014. One for my wife and One for me. During the hard snow storm we have had along with the thaw and freezing rain both cars logged the code P059F. That is because the ice restricts the active shutters from closing and or opening. Once the ice or snow has melted it operates as normal and the MIL light (check engine light) will go out after a few drives. Ice and snow will get into the active shutter area if you are on the freeway following other cars or trucks. This to me is not a big deal as my wife and i just let the ice or snow melt in the garage. You can get a code reader and reset it yourself if you dont want to take it to the dealer to do it for you or do like we did and let it go out by itself. It will do this if it does not log another code within a drive cycle.

We have no problems accelerating on freeways you just give it more gas and let the CVT roar and you go from zero to 60 in about 5-7sec. With the CVT you have to get to know how it responds. I have been doing 80MPH and dont always notice it as this car wants to "Fly" on the freeway. Also it is very agile to move in and out of traffic quickly. Once up to speed it will keep up with the other high powered cars on the road even at 109 HP it pulls itself well even uphill. Yes the interior does not have all the "flash" but we have found ways to dress it up a bit ourselves. I am thinking about doing some custom work on it. Plenty of room inside very practical for doing things around town and very good fuel economy.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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