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Extended Warranties

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So I purchased an extended warranty with First Canadian Protection Plans (FCPP). I think I just made a big mistake in signing with these people. I really should have done my homework and read what other have experienced.

With taxes in, the warranty was $2201.24. Which includes the guaranteed price of rebate. It means you can claim a rebate for a maximum of $2000.00 once the plan term expires by time regardless of kilometers.

However the plan term is for 72 months OR 160,000 kilometers "Whichever occurs first".

So from what I understand I cannot get my $2000.00 until after 6 years and when I exceed 160,000 kilometers I will not be covered because the plan would have expired at 160,000 kilometers.

Every year I travel about 40,000 kilometers. So in 4 years I will have exceeded 160,000 kilometers which means I won't have coverage for 2 years with FCPP while they hold my rebate of $2000.00. They will continue to make interest with my money for 2 years with no coverage.

In order to apply for a rebate you also must still be the sole owner of the vehicle at 6 years...If I continue at the this rate my car will have 240,000 kilometers and it would be 6 years old.

I have also found this which is not COVERED
"If any alterations have been made to Your Vehicle, including but not limited to, the failure of any custom or add-on part, all frame or suspension modifications, life kits, tires more than one size larger or smaller than the original equipment , trailer hitches, emissions and/or exhaust systems modification, engine modifications or You are using or have used Your vehicle in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer."

I only had 30 days to cancel and its been a year. So I got screwed :( I hope no one else got caught!
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Sorry to hear Meow. I turned down the warranty as I don't travel much, and I can't afford another 1400+tax.

By the way, I really like a different wheels but I can't alter anything during the 3 yr warranty period. Is that right?
When did you sign up for this warranty? Was it when you purchased your Versa? Or is this a warranty after the fact?
you can cancel the warrenty at any point in time. after the 30 days you will lose part of it.

as that warrenty begins after 36k miles. you have another warrenty that ends at 60k miles but thats for Engine and Transmission parts (more specificly Lubracated Parts in the Engine or Transmission only) that Warrenty that you purchased I am a big fan of cause really you never know what you get. i have that warrenty and i have 48k miles on my car. Friday i just found out 1 of my belts and a/c mount is messed up. Normal price for parts and labor $195 plus tax. With my warranty i only pay my deductible of $50 and thats it. so its really on the person about this warranty but truthfully i would say keep it but its up to you.

Machines are not perfrect. something is bound to happen them.

Just my 2 cents :D

good luck in whatever you choose
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also forgot to ad if you have a 2010 CVT vehicle now. your power train warranty is now 8years /100k miles. wish i had that :(
also forgot to ad if you have a 2010 CVT vehicle now. your power train warranty is now 8years /100k miles. wish i had that :(
Doesn't have to be just 2010.

Mine's a 2008 and I received the letter from Nissan Canada in the mail saying that the CVT warranty was extended for 10 years or 200,000 kms (whichever comes first).
I don't do extended warranties. I figure the amount I paid for the warranty will outweigh anything that goes wrong with the car. I mean you paid $2000 for a warranty. What is the worst that can happen to the car? The engine dies? I can definitely get a used engine and into the car for less then $2k.

My other reasoning for not liking extended warranties may be because of my dealerships. They are crooks and try and get out of any warranty work. I had a warranty once on a nissan. They denied everything I tried getting fixed. Or they would only cover half of it, like parts but not labor. So I gave up on the.

If someone has a warranty and it works for them then that is great. It was worth what you paid.
Extended warranties are usually scams. And they make you jump through many, many hoops to get the tiniest thing done.
Ya I think my next car will be purchased as is.

I had to fight with the dealership just to fix my sunroof. Other than that they have been okay. They see me there often enough that they know me by name. I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing.
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