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So I purchased an extended warranty with First Canadian Protection Plans (FCPP). I think I just made a big mistake in signing with these people. I really should have done my homework and read what other have experienced.

With taxes in, the warranty was $2201.24. Which includes the guaranteed price of rebate. It means you can claim a rebate for a maximum of $2000.00 once the plan term expires by time regardless of kilometers.

However the plan term is for 72 months OR 160,000 kilometers "Whichever occurs first".

So from what I understand I cannot get my $2000.00 until after 6 years and when I exceed 160,000 kilometers I will not be covered because the plan would have expired at 160,000 kilometers.

Every year I travel about 40,000 kilometers. So in 4 years I will have exceeded 160,000 kilometers which means I won't have coverage for 2 years with FCPP while they hold my rebate of $2000.00. They will continue to make interest with my money for 2 years with no coverage.

In order to apply for a rebate you also must still be the sole owner of the vehicle at 6 years...If I continue at the this rate my car will have 240,000 kilometers and it would be 6 years old.

I have also found this which is not COVERED
"If any alterations have been made to Your Vehicle, including but not limited to, the failure of any custom or add-on part, all frame or suspension modifications, life kits, tires more than one size larger or smaller than the original equipment , trailer hitches, emissions and/or exhaust systems modification, engine modifications or You are using or have used Your vehicle in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer."

I only had 30 days to cancel and its been a year. So I got screwed :( I hope no one else got caught!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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