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F.N.G. from Canada

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Hi, all,
I'm just a guy who likes his '09 Versa SL so much, he just bought a '14 Note SV last week!
I have a road job, average 44,000 miles driving a year, and the '09 I bought used with 56,000 miles on it two years ago now has 145,000 on the odo, so it was time to give it to my wife, who drives about 15 miles a day. It has been a dream to maintain. They laugh at me at the dealer when I roll in for my monthly oil change!
I found this forum using google, looking for info on replacement rear hatch supports. Last week, in the -40 temperatures we had up here, I lifted the hatch before the car was warm, and blew the seals on the pneumatic pistons, which had frozen.

Anyway, looking forward to the knowledge on the board.
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Welcome to the forums. Have you tried ebay for the hatch supports?
Welcome multi Versa family!

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Thanks, guys...

08versailles, we're practically neighbours. You're in Haldimand, I'm in Brant county.
Awesome, i was just at the new Rosehill Auction location, and LW last weekend
Hey welcome fellow Canuck! Good to see another dual versa family!

Mine too is similar situation where I drive 25,000 - 30,000KMs per year for work and my wife drives about 20km per day.

Hopefully you can come out to one of our monthly meet ups or our drive/cruise I will try to plan again this year, for driving from hamilton to niagara.
They're expensive as shit new... no specific aftermarket ones (though you could probably get something to work) and dealership wants about $200 a side... it's the whole assembly brackets and all, can't just buy the shocks as usual. Mine aren't "blown" but they're getting weak. Shocks don't open the hatch all the way up by themself, have to help it up.
welcome. Have you tried a junkyard or a pick n pull type thing?
Welcome to the forums.
Congrats on your purchase.

Another local (kind of) here. From Niagara region. Welcome to the forums.
Thanks again, all

$200 bucks at the dealer, eh?

I think I have found an aftermarket replacement, and am posting it for anybody with the same problem: StrongArm Lift supports... They are in the $25 range each.

Now, off to Canadian Tire I go! I will post the StrongArm part # if I am successful.

FYI, the "genuine Nissan" parts are 90450-EL00A (passenger side) and 90451-EL00A (driver side), and are officially called Rear Hatch Door Stays

h ttp://

there is a set on ebay right now for $236.36USD!!
the seller says the parts are 90450-EL00A and 90451-EL00A STAY ASSY - BAC(Driver Side)

This appears to be the same part as on the Pathfinder glass.
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