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F/S Hatchback cargo organizer, Black and Charcoal

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Good Morning All!

I am looking to see if there is any interest in an OEM cargo organizer out of my hatchback. this is in very good shape, I just don't have the space for it (I need to carry a stroller a lot) if interested, please send me an offer. I am thinking shipping would be probably close to $30 or so? If you are close to VT maybe we can meet up somewhere!

Thanks, Drive safe!

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Do you know if it fits sedans? And can you post pics please?
Stock Pic

Thanks for the reply, to the best of my knowledge, this will not fit in a Sedan. I belive it is hatchback specific (atleast thats what it looks like)


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Those are nice. Where would the spare go? And how much are you asking? I think I can make it fit. :D
These sit in the "trunk" area, I believe the spare is under the original "floor" and it sits down in there. if you would like I can try to get some measurements this weekend.
Ok, sounds good. How much are you asking for it?
I am not sure, how does $90.00 shipped sound? I am thinking this is going to be pretty darn expensive, it's big, not sure how heavy it is yet.
I took measurements today of the organizer.
40" wide
25" long
8" deep
The box I had that I thought would work, is not even close. So earliest I will be able to ship is Tuesday, I will need to get a bigger box at work!

Please let me know if anyone is interested!


Will you sell that on eBay?

Can you quote the freight to Brazil?
if u can get a better shipping cost to SA i wouldnt think twice about buy this :D dude this things gotta be heavy, i hope someone comes up with a diy T_T
I can certainly list this on ebay if desired, I have no idea about shipping to Brazil, I will check on Tuesday when I am back to work.

Make offers!!!
This Nissan Organizer stops items from rolling around the cargo area all the while protecting it from spills and dirt of items such as windshield washer fluid and other items that are typically kept in a vehicle.

The Nissan Versa Rear Cargo Organizer is ideal for carrying your items. Whether they are big or small, there is a place for everything. Dividers keep them separated and contained. Lids fold down to conceal your valuables from wondering eyes. The load floor is not only levelled out but also maximized with the added benefit of two tier storage.

Maximum load of 150lbs.

Tools Required for Installation:
5/16" Wrench
Drill and 3/8" bit

This retails for $111.00. I would love to take it off you hands. I'm in New York City
Hello all,
I have the organizer all boxed and ready to go, I can either ship Friday morning or Tuesday. I have a paypal account so you can pay quickly and easily!



I spoke with our warehouse guy at work, he said he has never shipped to Brazil, tried to get a quote and said it was crazy high, but he picked a random area, I would rather ship to the US only because of the size of the box.
Still for sale! All boxed and ready to go, MAKE AN OFFER!! Due to the size I would like to ship to the US only!!
Good morning all!

I want to try one more time to sell this here, if no one is interested I am going to list it on Ebay. I have 100% feedback on ebay and have paypal so you can pay securely. My Ebay listing will be higher due to shipping cost!
Please make an offer if you are intersted!
Thanks! Have a great one

Last call! $75.00 shipped to U.S.!
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