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Factory style spoiler

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Who has installed one on there S? How is it held on and what was the process involved. Im debating on weather to have the dealer order it and install it or install it myself depending on labor involved.

Also what color code is my car is it b14(sapphire blue) or b17(Metallic Blue) mine has metallic paint so does that mean sapphire blue is nonmetallic?
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Your color code will be on your VIN sticker on the driver side door jam.
Thanks i new it was somewhere just haven't looked yet. I look tonight
I got one on eBay and had to make my own drilling template.
Need to drill two holes and be sure that they line up with the holes on the spoiler and the hatch knock out holes. If you are not comfortable drilling holes in your hatch and screw it up, you might consider having the dealer do it
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