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Thanks buddy for everything. Be safe and have fun over in NJ. Thank you for actually letting us know that your leaving and not actually just dropping of the face of the forum world lol

I agree about that, if I ever have to leave the forum I will let everybody know.

I remember when I first joined this forum, I read a lot of farewells because of the lack of activity, I think its getting better. I actually like this forum better than facebook LOL

you see.. on facebook, not trying to steal this post or anything... :rolleyes:
you see on my facebook, people actually know me, so I have to be real careful what I post, so I hardly post anything.
Here, nobody knows me, so I can say what I want!! :ihih:
and I never want to be mean or be disrespectful to any other users and I'm sure other users feel the same because everyone seems nice.


hope missnic has a good safe trip and hope everything goes well for her :thumb2:
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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