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Fastest youve gone? and ur cars miles?

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I went out crusing saturday night, went out to an old airport strip.
the strip here is about no joke maybe 8 miles long at one point.
its deserted which is awesome and not to many ppl know about it
cause its in the middle of a cornfield lol..

well anywho i got my versa up to 125mph my guess after probably 3ish maybe 4 miles... i was gunning it just kinda letting it take its time up there.
didnt want to sudenly throw my car into race mode from a year of econo mode lol..

oh and whats everyones total miles?
i just rolled over 35000 this morning
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A little over 12,300 miles, owned for 17 months.
I have done 102,000 kms.

She's as solid as ever :)
I'm at 27,xxx miles right now and my car is in the shop due to some electrical problems with my fuel pump. It keeps blowing the fuse for some reason.
about 115mph
almost 28000 miles, owned for 2 years and 6 months
Wow, I must have the most km's by the looks of a long shot too :S
mine limited out at 115mph or 185ish km/h

My mileage is just about 2000kms... owned it for nearly a month.
fastest I've gone in my V is 95mph. I have owned it for 5 months and it has just about 15k miles (and now two smashed doors).
About 60mph and about 519 miles haha
I've only hit 95mph with 22K miles 1 year and 6months of ownership
fastest iv hit was 100 even but backed down due to cops. never had the chance to max it out. ive owned mine for a smidge over a month and iv got about 1850 miles on it :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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