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Fearl3$$: 2011 Tiida

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Hi Guys, So this weekend I finally had some time to do something to the car.

Because I already had my old sound system that is still working well.

This might also be Used as a How to, seeing that I got some info on the install off this forum (I found this forum very help full, and people are willing to share.).

I have not yet resized and uploaded the images to when I got the car, will upadate this later..

But my 1st Upgrade :
Sound System : Here is how I did it.
I used the stock head unit.

What you will need.
1. Side Cutters
2. Philips and Flat Srew drivers
3. 4ga Wire kit (get it at your local Car Audio store)
4. Proper High low converter with remote (Do not Buy the cheap ones, as you would need a Loop Back converter as well, to take out the noise of the alternator).
5. Subwoofer and Amplifier.
6. to ask questions when you get stuck on something :)
7. Electric isolation tape.

Ok so now lets get this started once all Items is required.

1. I removed the backboard, and the Centre beam, Left and right Covers, as well as the covers running by the doors (they just clip off if you pull on it a little bit). No photos of this)

2. I removed the Back door Panal to find out what color the speaker wires are, for both Right and Left side at the back they where green and grey.
green being positve + and gray being negative -

3. I disconnected the plugs inside the centre beam and pulled out the wireing to make it easier to work with.
Then I opened the green and grey wires a bit to splice in extention wires for the High/Low Converter.

4. Extension cables connected to Audiobank High-low Converter with remote. (If I work the currency back to US$ it works out to about $8 for the converter)

5. I pulled the extension cables to the back of the car into the trunk. there is a Small gap between the back seats to do this and it hides the cabling very nicely.

6. I could not get the power cable through the grommet in the firewall, as the access to it is very restrictive from the engine bay (battery,Air filter and Ecu is in the way and to much work to remove).
So I found by the the passenger door (r-hand drive car), that there are these small rubber plugs and that the 4ga cable would fit through there very nicely to get it into the car's cabin.
So i pulled the cable through the fender panel at the top to a whole one of these inserts are covering. (bout 30cm of cable that you can see, but I have covered it up nicely with sleeving that where part of the wiring kit.
NB: remove the glove box to do this to make it more accessible to work with(no Pic of removed glove box)

After you have pulled the wire through (under the carpet - there is a harness sleeve thing there already so ran it with that).

7. you need to pull in the Remote wire for the amp (usually this is a blue wire when you buy a wire kit).

To do this you need to remove the Head unit. to connect the remote wire.
7.1 Remove glovebox if not already done (no Pic).
7.2 Remove top cover to get to the faceplate screws (this just pops up if you pull on it, or use a flat screwdriver, there is a vid/pic howto of that somewhere on this forum. ( )

7.3 I had a suspicion which wire would be the remote wire but had to test. (could not find a wire Diagram of my harness(Did not have a tester nor a little battery or light, but I connected my amp's ground and 12v). To find out which wire is the remote, I switched on the ignition to give power to the radio, and just let the stuck the remote wire into the Radio Plug until I figured out which one it was + switching the ignition on and off. every time.
On my model it was the dark blue Purplish wire(which i Suspected it would be)
7.4 I cleaned a little bit of the wire to splice in the remote wire. I ran the wire to the same side as the 4ga power cable. (clove box needed to be removed for this).

8. I just roughly connected everything to make sure it switch on and that it works. (sound working and all other electrical components + starting the car).

9. to hide the and neaten up the system a bit, I decided to mount the amp underneath the floorboard of the trunk, seeing that there is enough space because I have a biscuit spare :).

10. Everything put back together with the Sub Woofer. (I did not cut any of the wires yet, as it was already late and dark outside. bunched cabling Up next to the spare tire.. hehe. Will neaten that up next weekend, as I have thought of a nice idea for placing the amp, but will need to cut a new floor board out of superwood.)

The System I installed is a American pro 4 channel internal bridge Amp 1000W, with High and low configurations, that has subwoofer and normal speaker channels. the amp is running a 1000w 12" Sony Xployd sub. I have used this setup for about 8 years now. in different cars.

The acoustics in the tiida/versa is very good, and the bass comes through really well with clarity, I would like to get a new head unit and add tweeters at the back as well.

Will Update again once I have done some more things to it :banana:
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Fixed your title. :thumbsup:
I like what you did with your amp. I never thought about doing it that way and i think ima try that out tomorrow.. Thanks for the idea!
I like what you did with your amp. I never thought about doing it that way and i think ima try that out tomorrow.. Thanks for the idea!
Driving to work on the Monday Morning, I had a even Better idea on the Amp placement... So I am a little bit excited about the weekend :)
Made a Small Little Update.
I got some LED Park lights, and a Dome LED Pad And Boot light LED(all are just plug and play no Modification to Light unit needed.)

Unfortunatly I did not take a photo of the Boot light yet..
I am in the process of changing all the lights to LED. this was my 1st test.

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Have not made an update in quite some time..

Took off the OEM Steelies with wheelcaps and replaced them with some nicer wheels, and new Tyres.

Did not change factory profile of 185/65R15.

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ok... how in the F do I get a Tiida oem Front bumper? Where would you order a replacement?
Whell, As far as i know The Tiida is also in Mexico, thus you should be able to import into the States from either a Nissan dealership or Crap yard. That is closer than Importing from South-Africa or the AE.
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Small Little Update.
A few Months ago A group of the Nissan Owners Club came togehter at a small Drag strip Just outside Johannesburg, where Robot, street racing is simulated in a controlled enviroment.
Had quite a bit of fun, and also decided to give it ago..

To allot of people they did not expect the underneath, this was the second run, as the 1st run everyone including me thought it was a fluke.. But was all Fun in the end..
Note that this is the HR16DE
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Have not done a update in a while.

But here it goes..

I stocked out everything again. as I traided the Tiida in for a Brand new Suzuki Swift 1.4 GLS as the Km on it was at a point where I would start loosing to much on it.
This was a epic car and had some really awsome adventures with it. I already Miss the boot space. The swift's boot is as big as the Versa/Tiida's glove box :-D..

Some pics of the new ride, on the Skidpan.


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