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feeler for possible VA meet?

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so lets try this again who in VA/MD/NC and wants to meet up, where and when I know there are a few members here I'm free most weekends just cant go on long trips right now because of my wife being pregnant.
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Sweet, I'd be glad to bring Becky along. Haha.

Weekends is best for me also, as I start my classes in August. I'm located in Bristol, VA. End of this month I will be going out of state for a concert. Other than that, I'm free.

Doesn't really matter where we plan to go. As long as it's not like a million miles away. Haha.
well what is to far I mean you are on the other side of the state lol
One mile is too far for me. Haha, jk. Honestly, it really does not matter. If there's a few others in the other states, try to make it mid way for everyone, like Richmond, etc.
bump anyone else?
VA Beach? When I head out there I usually find myself hitting the VAB BLVD.

bump anyone else?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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