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Filter and Oil Change

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what kind of filter and oil should i use?im planning to do it by myself because the price here in winterpeg is killing me.. and any instructional video would be awesome too.. thanks a lot..
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Keep an eye on the level, as you should do anyway. Then next oil change inspect for these leaks yourself. I have no clue what a rear engine seal is on a Versa. If this were a rwd car it would be the rear main seal which is almost impossible to see with the transmission on.
my bro used RP in a nissan once. Said the engine made a ton more noise. I personally have never tried it and never will. Too expensive, not locally found and too expensive. Yup I mentioned it twice.
Ken I'm changing oil tonight, I'll take a short video reaching the filter etc.
You going from above or below to remove the filter? I have done both and found above to be much easier.
Either from top or bottom is about the same effort... you need to remove the lower belly pan/cowl either way, and you're down there anyways.

Using a filter with a bigger volume won't affect oil pressure, if anything all it will affect is the duration that the oil pump sucks dry after an oil change (longer duration). Which begs the question, is the increased particle holding capacity worth the increased initial start up bearing wear? Doubtful.

For the guy asking about RP, i have never used it in my engine but i do use it in my tranny (75W90) and i'm happy.

I have never removed that plastic piece underneath and I have quite a few oil changes done at 144k miles :grin.

I find from the top takes much less effort. Yes you need to move the overflow over but that just slides in and out. But the real benefit to me is how much easier it is to get a grip on the filter and unscrew it when in a standing position as opposed to on your back. As well as the ease of screwing the new one back on. Plus no ramps, jacks or jack stands needed. I don't even lay down anymore, just reach under and feel for the drain plug.

Of course if you have a slammed car you may still need to jack it up to get the drain pan under.
1 - 4 of 37 Posts
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