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Finally showing it's age-losing oil and exhaust rattle

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after 50 months and 129k miles my V is just starting to seem like not so new of a vehicle.

I had extended my last couple of oil changes from the recommended 7500 miles to 10k miles. I didn't notice any real oil loss with the 7500 before but I am currently 8k miles on this oil and I'm down 3/4 of a quart. This is perfectly acceptable level of oil loss but it didn't seem to loose that much before. I think I will be switching back to the 7500 intervals. Possibly doing a 3k mile change this next one just to clean her up a bit.

Next thing is my car got much louder. So much louder that everyone points it out to me. People use to ask me all the time "are you sure it's even running". But now it clearly is on and sounds like crap. Especially on take off. First thought is I have a hole in my exhaust but I now see a loose heat shield. It might be both. The rear section of pipe and the pipe with the cat have some good surface rust on them. The muffler and resonator are still nice and silver looking.

I can't really complain as the car has been flawless up until now. But it seems things are starting to go. Time to get my hands dirty.
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The day after mine was paid off, and right after receiving a letter from Nissan Canada saying that she was fully paid for, my CEL came on. In the 5 years of ownership it had never once come on, yet since paying her off it's come on twice.

Also my car started getting really really loud too over the past few months. Turns out an exhaust flange had rusted completely. Nissan wanted over $120 to fix it (according to them it's a common problem in Versa's). Took it to an exhaust shop, and it's running as quiet as she was on day 1.

I guess I can't complain too much, as this was my first 'out of pocket' expense. Everything else that has gone wrong has been covered by my extened warranty ... unfortunately exhaust components are not covered.

It's also time for a new battery for mine ...
do you know which flange it is?

Hope your car, and mine, give us great reliability. Our cars aren't new anymore by any means. I feel like I just bought it not too long ago LOL.
do you know which flange it is?

Hope your car, and mine, give us great reliability. Our cars aren't new anymore by any means. I feel like I just bought it not too long ago LOL.
It was the one closest to the muffler.

I feel the same way ... I can't believe I have had this car for over 5 years now ... she doesn't look her age but she doesn't feel new anymore. I too hope they last quite a bit longer. I really like having no car payments!
My 2010 Versa HB is approaching 4 years old (Oct 2013). I think 5 years is soon for rust. I still have the original battery, but thinking about replacing it this fall before winter. Probably get one at Walmart. Otherwise, it's been pretty reliable. I had a warranty claim for a CV boot on the front wheel that was leaking. Replaced the tires and wipers. I change oil every 5000 miles and rotate tires every 10000 miles.
Rust can happen quickly, all Depends on where you live ... I rustproof my car but they can't coat the exhaust components as it would just burn the oil right off. I'm still using the factory battery too (now 63 mths old).
Glad to hear it's running good(other than loosing oil and being loud) after 129K. I hope it runs healthy much longer. Mine just passed 38K...she's getting up there too.
I just hit 89,000 kms yesterday (about 50,000 miles). Not bad for her age :)

If trade in value didn't suck on the car it would have been gone a while ago ... but having no car payment is an awesome feeling.
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