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Did my first oil change with Mobil 1 on our 2015 note.
Because of the odd amount of oil required to refill (I think the owners manual quotes 3 5/8 quarts with a new oil filter).
And because the best price on Mobil 1 is in 5 gallon jugs I had to estimate the amount of oil I put in.
Fortunately the Mobil 1 five gallon jug has a sight on the side and quart markings so I filled somewhere between between the 3 - 4 quart markings on the jug.
I let everything settle and checked the level and it is just a bit over the full marking (about 1/8 inch).
Should I be concerned? I used 0-40 weight, I'm a little surprised I still hear a tiny bit of valve noise... but I may just be paranoid because the car is still new to me and every little noise seems excessive until I figure out what the normal sounds are for this car.
Thanks in advance.

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From what I've read on the internet, it is unlikely. I searched google quickly, and on a website called I saw a reply about overfilling that says:

A quarter of an inch on most dipsticks equals a quarter of a quart. And adding an extra quarter of a quart, or even half a quart, won't hurt anything.

I personally don't think that it will damage your engine, if you slightly overfilled.
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