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You can do a Google search to find a replacement tranny... it'll be the cost of the tranny and some kind of money for shipping... here is a Google search that I just did to help you out... I whole heartedly believe this is a much more cost effective way to fix you problem and keep your car on the road than all the stuff you'd have to either change yourself (and hope you get it all right) or pay somebody to do it for you (which at $100/hour typical mechanic rates, you'd find yourself hip deep in a money pit real fast)

Google search for a 2009 versa automatic transmission

Or, depending on your location, there may be a salvage yard stocked with more than one to choose from right down the street...

Plus, what if you go through all the trouble of switching tranny styles, and the used tranny you bought and changed everything for goes out...???

Take the time to shop around, find the best deal, and buy a used tranny. Please don't do a auto to manual swap. That is just (IMHO) ridiculous.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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