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First WROTE warning!!!

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Yes tonight i was having a bit of fun in my versa cruisin around with people, and we went to pull a u turn and we did and me being dumb i just floored it and whiped the car around for my u turn, and of course my luck a cop was across the street in the walmart parkin lot off duty loading groceries up he left his cart there and came after me?

i was liek wow really? all that just for me?
im special!
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lol nice.... i felt like a idiot doin that right in front of the police...
lol! kinda happened to me... i was driving home from the fair and in my mind i was driving like a race car driver trying to warm up my tires so i was swerving back and forth on the exit ramp and i got pulled over for DD xD just a warning and off i went. lucky he didnt run my record :patriot:
S'ok a couple years ago me and my buddy were cruising around in his 240sx and he gunned it on a left turn and did a bit of a slide. Just enough for us to look directly at a cop car. Cop pulls us over and the first thing he asks is "So are you Bo or Luke?" my friend had no idea of the Dukes of hazard reference which got me in trouble with the cop when I laughed. Now theres special!
haha sounds liek something a cop here would say jerad! thats prettty funny!!!

yea lilblue ive been there before -_-
me and my friends have an inside joke where we scream DAYTONA and start swerving back and fourth warming i tires up nascar style lol..
hell yea!
hey sorrry man i dont have any texting!
just call!
lol i dont have long distance! suck...
we neeeda figuer something out for the next time your up this way...
my bone stock versa with zero hubs kicks your v's butt!

oh oh oh i gotta K/N

thats brownie points right der.
lol ill just be like hold on...
and go get my jeep
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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