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The leather on the arm rests on both sides of the front doors started to come off about a year ago. Seems alot of people have this problem, but get it fixed under warranty.

Heres how it looked several months ago, just starting. But by now it was starting to completely pull away from the door panel.

Well heres how I fixed it.

Remove The Door Panel

You can Google how to remove the door panels. General idea is:
1. Flathead screwdriver to remove silver trim around the door handle.
2. Flathead to remove the plastic insert behind the door handle (may be optional).
3. Flathead screwdriver to pry up the whole window/lock insert on the arm rest.
4. Push in the tab in the top middle of the door lock harness to remove the harness from the assembly.
5. 2x Phillips screws attaching the door panel to the door, located under the door lock assembly.
6. There are plastic push rivets located around the perimeter of the door panel. Grab an outer corner of the door panel and pull it out. I had best luck starting at the top corner closest to the door hinge. I did not need a screwdriver or anything to pry it off.

Preparing The Door Panel

I wanted a good physical way of pulling the fabric tight. I didn't want to rely on adhesive or anything. I wanted to sew the fabric in place, but there wasn't anything to put the thread through.

So I used a tiny drill bit and put little holes along the ridge on the backside of the door panel. Be sure to drill at an angle so that you can get the needle through.

Sewing The Fabric

There is a small gap between the door panels that you can push the needle through. Pull the fabric tight but not too tight else you'll break the thread. I used white thread because thats what I had on hand, but if you got thread that generally matched the color it should be undetectable. I think even this would escape most detection unless you specifically looked for it.

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