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Flat Tire

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My brother's SE-R got a nail in his tire this past weekend.
We both have the extended 7 year warranty with roadside assistance from Nissan, so he called the number and Nissan sent over someone to put the spare on his car on Sunday morning.

My dad took it into the dealer on Monday morning, and they fixed it for free. They told us its covered up until 50,000 kms :) They just won't fix it if it's in the sidewall.

Find out something new everyday :)
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LOL! I'm sure if you keep going in there they might be suspicious! Someone on our street had their roof done, my dad said it was a roofing nail.

However, I don't think they replaced the tire with a new one, they just repair the hole! It's still better than paying to get it done elsewhere!
Well we both paid extra to extend our warranty so obviously I'm going to take it back there for them to fix for free. Here it would cost $25 at Canadian Tire to fix the flat. Why pay someone else when the dealer can fix it for free?
As far as I know they just fixed the hole. I know the book said they can't put a plug on his tires, but they fixed it. Otherwise they would have had to replace both rear tires ... and I am pretty certain that they didn't. I'll have to ask my dad on the weekend when I see him.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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