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Flat Tire

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My brother's SE-R got a nail in his tire this past weekend.
We both have the extended 7 year warranty with roadside assistance from Nissan, so he called the number and Nissan sent over someone to put the spare on his car on Sunday morning.

My dad took it into the dealer on Monday morning, and they fixed it for free. They told us its covered up until 50,000 kms :) They just won't fix it if it's in the sidewall.

Find out something new everyday :)
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getting it done else where is only 10 dollars :p or if you use fix a flat you will only need 2.99 hehehehe ^_^v nissan wouldnt replace the tire its too expensive for them :p im the type of guy who wouldnt go back to the dealer anymore except on CVT fluid change :p
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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