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I hope this is the right spot for this, as I am new here and just made a intro thread. I own a 2007 Red Nissan Versa Hatch with a little over 123,xxx miles. Due to laziness and my qork schedual I haven't performed and fluid changes since I got the car at 117 almost 118,xxx miles. I have read that oil and oil filter changes should be performed every 3,750 miles, so I should be at almost two. The thing I want to know is what fluid I should be using and what oil filter would be best to get the most life out of my engine. I know everyone has opinions as to what's better, but just some ideas would be nice. My tranny fluiud and filter should be changed to I would imagine, as I am not sure they did it when I bought the car even though they were suppposed to, and I think it could do well with a good tranny flushing as well. What would I need for such a task, and what fluids would be good for those as well. My idea is to purchase the things I need, more Nissan oriented I imagine and bring them to my local shop to have the deeds performed, so they can be documented for future references. Any help as to what I should use for both my oil/oil filter and tranny fluid/ tranny filter/ tranny flush tasks would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to any replies.
Kevin. :spiral:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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