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Hello all,

One of my fog light bulbs went out the other day and I need to get it replaced. Since I am replacing one, I might as well replace the other. The fog light system I have installed is the factory one that comes in all 2008 Nissan Versas. Which is the best replacement fog light bulb for me to purchase? I have PIAA headlight bulbs therefore, I would like to have PIAA fog light bulbs. If possible, which PIAA bulb can I use to replace my current fog light bulbs with? If I cannot use PIAA, what can I use? Please reply at your nearest convenience, and all help is appreciated.

Thank you!
Personally, im using the matrix fog light which is brighter than any other brands.the bulbs are very detailed and the performance is unquestionable on my part. On the other hand, there would be no problem when it comes to installation since there are a lot of guides that would be found on the internet. the only thing that you should do now is to give yourself a favor and try this one...btw i got this one from amazon...

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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