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fog lights

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i've seen some fog light kits on ebay and what not, i'm lookin at getting some, whats good? anyone know, or is it a buy it and try kinda deal?
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basically buy it kinda deal :p you can either cut the cover or get a new fog light cover then get a round fog light... its a hit or miss kinda thing... the reason i like the oem is because it fits nice so no dirt will go in... and you can buy the switch that replace your turn signal lever to the one with the switch on it...

or just cut the cover then bondo the fog light to the trim them add a black rubber sealant to cover the bondo act as a barrier then wire it up to the driver side then put a little toggle switch :p hahahaha i havent done this its just an idea :p
They do sell the Versa Bezels on eBay that will fix the fitment issue so you don't have to do all of that work...

You can get them in the regular matte black color or even some fake chrome.
i think i saw a whole kit, lights, bezels, wiring harness and switch. i'll probably get it next month, i've already spent way past my budget this month on the car
Fake chrome? Why not one that matches the color of the car? You can also paint it yourself, but good luck making it match.
or you can do your own fog lights i did a post on it take a look at it when you get time
I heard that the bezels that come with some of them don't actually fit... Bara was the one that told me.
I have some blank bezels if anybody want to buy them from me. I should probably sell them.
I heard that the bezels that come with some of them don't actually fit... Bara was the one that told me.
Yes, that's right.

I bought the DLAA kit and it's made for the chinese Tiida/Latio that have a diferent bezel.

You can check pictures of the kit in my car post.

The kit is complete, you will just have to cut your original bezel or buy a new set of cutted from a Nissan dealer.

The kit is high quality and it's not expensive.

You can find it on ebay, i bought my kit in Brazil.


With lamin-x:

You can buy the fog kit on ebay, i bought my kit in brazil but i saw it on ebay.

It's a high quality kit and very cheap.

The only thing tha don't fit are the bezels, they are made for chinese tiida/latio, so you will have to cut your original bezels or buy a new set of cutted on nissan dealer.

Look what i found on ebay, ask the seller if this kit is made by DLAA.

Found this too:
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i emailed both the sellers, thank you for the links
The reason why the bezels don't fit is probably because it says for Nissan Tiida/Latio (not Versa).. Tiida's and Latio's have different front ends.
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