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Foglight bulbs

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Does anyone have the Nokya H8 hyper yellow foglight bulbs? Are they better and last longer than stock? I'm thinking about getting these when I get the foglights installed.
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I havent changed my fog bulbs, im doing a yellow tint on them though :D
i have these on my s12 but they're h3. ive had it for a year and it hasnt blown out
any bulb with increased lumen will die quicker than the stock but nokya for some odd reason last longer lol... my driver side headlight bulb just died on my and it reached its 2 year mark but the passenger side is still going lol... the only brand that i had trouble with is matrix and hybrid... please dont buy silverstar those things goes out even quicker... try it make sure that it seals in correctly ^_^v
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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