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Footwell/cupholder LED lights...

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I was wondering if anyone had these setup on their car.
if they do then i was wondering if you did it yourself
or had it done professionally?
where did u find the parts at
and if you did can u post or a link as to how to do it yourself?
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Just curious as to why you need all this info? Not that I care, I'm happy to share my pics and information.

I bought led lights from ebay, pink in colour. The cost was $20 and I have 5 led lights on each side (5 for driver, and 5 for passenger). My brother did the install and connected it to the fuse box (radio/mirror fuse). I never have to turn the lights on or off, they come on automatically when I turn on the car.

When I get home later tonight I'll post a pic.
I am going to have my brother add some led's to the cupholders this summer along with some pink neon tubes to brighten up the footwells.
reasoning for it is because i wish to do it myself..
im assuming if you took it somewhere to have it dont it would cost way to much
pluss i already have the blue liscense plate light might as well go the rest of the way

but hey thank you very very much!
courtesy nissan has the factory kit its all plug and play from what i saw of the instructions seems very easy
yea i saw that but the only probelmn is its well over $200
i can find kits on ebay for like $140 with multicolor
if taking pics at night without a flash use and auto feature and put the camera down. Do not try and hold it. Best thing would be a tripod but the auto feature works good too.

I don't think I could deal with such a bright light in the car like that. I do want a courtesy light shining down on the shifter and front cupholders. Just a soft amber or reddish color.
My lights are not that bright. I'll take some pics tonight.

My brother did it so it didn't cost me very much, just the cost of the bulbs.
And I too just replaced my license plate bulbs to white leds.
thanks for posting pictures
where did you buy your blue lights from?

im thinking about getting some underglow kit that has the multi colors cus i want interior and exterior lights and i want blue lights but there illegal for outside the car sooo i needa have them change colors or something just in case i get pulled over.
pep boys there auto something its comes in a to pack for 26 something and u can cut them and make them short so its works fine sorry about the pics tho they came from my phone but im going to do alot more so u will see lol
does pep boys carry the led lights you plug into the cigarette lighters?
does pep boys carry the led lights you plug into the cigarette lighters?
yes they do,

i have oznium lights. ive had them for 2 years now and no probs. i have the "million color LED" ones
the closest pep boys is down in lakewood for me, about 22 minutes away
then i guess u got a 22 min drive cuz pep boys is the $#@% but mine is like 15 so dont feel bad are pep boys is on skibo and that road take you to the mall and it stays busy
I need to order some more pink leds for the cupholders and some pink neon tubes. I need it brighter inside the car.
pep boys has red, blue, pink, yellow, green, white, and something else i know there are 7 diff lights just cant think of the 7 color
I don't think we have a Pep Boys here.
But I don't mind ordering from ebay. That's where I got my other set from.
yea i saw that but the only probelmn is its well over $200
i can find kits on ebay for like $140 with multicolor
I have the Factory set up in my car and it's well worth the price, but agree if it's a little steep there are options out there....just make sure there worth it "If it sounds/looks to good to be probably is" especially from ebay.
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