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I went to Coreys today for some trim panels, and they've got two pretty mint Versa's, both head ons i think so front end non-existent and sub frames gone, but mint interiors and pretty clean. An 09 and a 10.

I went there for the LH hatch lower trim, the piece with the light in it, and the lower felt/fabric part, a spare tire top cover, and hatch receiver trim piece, 40 bucks for all.

After i negotiated the price with the guy, i told him that the back LH trim finisher is over $700 brand new... yeah, i shit a brick when i saw that price, but at the same time didn't surprise me.

Right now i'm wrapping a bunch of items, and taking out the C-pillar covers involves removing or at least unbolting the seat pivot points, and the side cushions (10mm bolt hidden behind kick panel/sill trim at bottom), as well as the bottom seat. Easy to break or crack the lower piece.

Well you know how car modding is addictive and it's always a slippery slope, while everything is taken out, i'm putting HushMat (IMO better than Dynamat and the same price if not less) on the floor pan, as well as around the struts/wheel well. MUCH road noise comes from the rear wheelwells just to let people know, big benefit to putting more insulation around those. Stock insulation around the wheelwells is marginal, just a rubber pad on part of the strut towers, and some of that shitty cellulose based insulation on the hatch trim finisher panel. That's it.
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