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...I did wish that Subaru would have re-introduced the 2.2 16v sohc engine again. That engine was their best. Must have been the emission Gods that killed that engine. Something about one camshaft in each head instead of two which could have caused the timing chain header fiasco not sure tho.

that's what I had before my V. a 1997 Subaru Legacy L 2.2 AWD 5 speed.
very loud engine, got 30MPG keeping the RPMs low, it had a slow start but after 60MPH or so then it would pick up speed better. great on turns. I did stay bumper to bumper from 45MPH to about 65MPH against a mid 90s Civic Hatchback with exhaust
but after 65MPH I didn't go any faster because that was the speed limit and I don't street race.

other people ask me to race on my V I say no because I know I"m goinna lose lol plus it will lower my MPG, why no thank you :Angel_anim:

Anyway, if you do get the Subaru, just make sure you know everything about it, and make sure you're paying what the car is worth.
At the End,
if its at a good price, and runs good and you like it, that's all what matters =)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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