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Found out the hard way about problems swapping radios with a Sentra!!!

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I was tired of listening to the local radio, so I considered swapping in an aux port radio into my Versa. I didn't much like what the aftermarket offered so I thought I would swap a radio from the higher end Versa! Well, those radios on Ebay were the same price as the ones from the Sentra. After looking for weeks I ended up finding what I thought was an awesome deal, $90 for a 10-12 PY04F radio from the Rockford Fosgate Sentra SER! After scouring the internet, asking questions about it in forums, and finding nothing I decided to pull the trigger and get this radio.

Knowing nothing about Nissan Radios I learnt that this radio does not have an internal amplifier!!! So, lesson learned, radio looks awesome otherwise! Now to find the other parts I need!!!!!
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Well, generally that's not a bad thing just that you weren't prepared for it. Higher end sound systems will sometimes come with an external/dedicated amp, as a built in one in the radio can only supply enough power up to a point. Just search for the OEM amplifier from a Sentra.
So far on my journey I've found that the wiring harness that connects the radio to the amplifier is connected into the main wiring loom (taped together). so it is looking like the stock amplifier is possibly out. I'm going to find the connector that I need off another radio, solider wires to a line out converter, and hook up an aftermarket amplifier then run a ton of wires to connect the speakers OR make my own harness if I can find both harness ends from the radio and amp!

I will document my steps once I get the parts I need. I want to go stock if I can as I'm reading that the Rockford Fosgate system has odd speaker ohms and isn't easily upgradable and the head unit doesn't like to play well with aftermarket amps.

I will post more later!
Newer model Versa's have an Aux. port. Could of just swapped em out, no issues.
yup mine has an aux port its verdy nice
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