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Fox Marketing's 2007 Nissan Versa

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So ever since I have been around the forum(s) there have always been questions about Fox Marketings Versa. I know I myself have had some questions of my own that never really got answered, and to this day I still see some people asking questions about it.

Earlier today I got in contact with Brian Fox to get all of the details, and he has agreed to chat with me to help everyone out with the things they would like to know about the car and/or parts.

Now, does anyone have any questions that they would like me to ask for them? I will compile all of the questions together and will make sure that everyone gets the answer they are looking for.

Let the questions roll!
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ask him to send the exhaust manifold to the chinese so they can copy it and we can buy it on ebay for .99 cents with $79 shipping.
Well I have been around nissan and people who modify them for a very long time. It seems nissan always runs injectors that can handle a bit more then the stock HP output. So I am betting injectors will not even need to be swapped for 7 psi or so. I do know of a kit for the HR16DE where they did not swap out the injectors at 5psi.

As far as tuning I swear that I read about that our ECU's can be flashed. I don't think we actually need a piggyback or anything for a mild turbo setup. I believe the company is UpRev that is able to do it.

Seems all you guys really need is an exhaust manifold and then your good to go.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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