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freddddddy: 2011 Versa S

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Decided to jump on the bandwagon and make a thread on my car :) Anyone know how to post pictures directly onto the post instead of attached? I'm still lost on that lol


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im running the obx header cat delete and the dc cat back witch im going to but my cat back on cause above 3k it sounds ricey and i dont like it but when i had the stock header and cat was a deep sound but i dont have the stock header so i will keep the obx and just put the cat and resonator back on
im saying if you use the full system with the cat delete it kinda sounds like a honda. is when im putting the cat back on
im putting the part with the cat and resonator back on is when it had the deepest sound
yea i want the dc one, but this was given to me so i took it and put it on. and i like the way it sounds with just the cat back, cause with cat delete has a raspy sound and it gets on my nerves when im above 3k rpms
i hear it from 3k all the way till i shift just before red line when im getting on the interstate. cause around town i keep it below 3k. but it mainly sounds like that when going wide open throttle
yup im sure had all gaskets replaced and everything tightened up
1 - 6 of 60 Posts
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