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freddddddy: 2011 Versa S

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Decided to jump on the bandwagon and make a thread on my car :) Anyone know how to post pictures directly onto the post instead of attached? I'm still lost on that lol


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im saying if you use the full system with the cat delete it kinda sounds like a honda. is when im putting the cat back on

OBX header + dc cat = ricey above 3K? laaaame.

stock header + dc cat = deep.

OBx + cat converter + resonator + dc cat back = ? ( I don't know what he meant over here)
hmm... this sheds light into my project...
im putting the part with the cat and resonator back on is when it had the deepest sound
I havent heard it with a obx header, so I cant judge the tone. I am waiting for DC to release their header (I wonder if the DC will have a cat delete or what)

I am running the stock header and DC catback. It sounds great.
yea i want the dc one, but this was given to me so i took it and put it on. and i like the way it sounds with just the cat back, cause with cat delete has a raspy sound and it gets on my nerves when im above 3k rpms
i have a leak so it gets on my nerves anywhere from 2200 to 2600 rpms. it sounds so bad. and its a shame bc above that its ok

do you hear it past 4K and 5K?
i hear it from 3k all the way till i shift just before red line when im getting on the interstate. cause around town i keep it below 3k. but it mainly sounds like that when going wide open throttle
you sure you don't have any leaks or anything?
yup im sure had all gaskets replaced and everything tightened up
So now that its good still raspy? that sucks.. I'll see how mine goes when its all fixed
You can always add a resonator like stated before. Might help with the bumble bee sound.
To the cat back?
Yeah the DC catback deletes the resonator. So you can always add one.
Adding a resonator will lower the decibels by quite a bit, but I don't think it will reduce any hp gains by the cat back will it?
Adding a resonator will lower the decibels by quite a bit, but I don't think it will reduce any hp gains by the cat back will it?
No, all aftermaket resonators like mangaflow are all straight through. They are just there to reduce noise.
But you have to cut a section of the downpipe.
Ive heard it doesnt fit right & for that money you can get a DC.
true true I wasn't planning on it just popped up in my head

Obx really needs to get their sh*t straight when it comes to cars. Less replicas of other companies and more into producing quality stuff.
They have put a few places out of business by making cheap replicas of their products. Its the nature of the game I guess lol

Just sucks when obx is our only option for a header unless we go custom. Which if I had the money I would.

Baller status: I believe this is a K20 header. You can probably get a similar design for the Versa, it'll probably run ya about $850+ for custom made one by a performance shop. It'd be worth it though.
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