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Fresh Meat!

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Hi. My name is Dan. I am a supple 30 year old who has recently purchased a new 2012 Versa hatchback (blue). Truth be told this was not the car I wanted. It was the car I could afford. So far I am pretty happy with it. In a search for ways to make it more MY car I stumbled upon this forum. As you well know, there are some really cool looking cars on here! I have a pretty basic understanding of cars at best, but I feel like learning what I can to take the best care of my new car possible.
Thank you for your time.
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Welcome to the forums, what did you want?
i hear ya Dan, welcome!
Welcome to the forums, I had a lower budget too for a newer car, but I think I got more than what I paid for!
Welcome to the forums.
Welcome to the forums, what did you want?
Well you see what happened was.... My brother works in the body shop of a dealership. It got bought out by a new company that has a Lexus, Mercedes, Toyota/Scion, Nissan and Infinity. This allowed me to get a bit of a discount. Well you can imagine on a pubic safety salary the bulk of the companies stock would be out of my reach. I initially wanted a Honda civic because those things run forever. I was interested in the Corolla but even the base modle was a little expensive. I saw a new Sentra fully loaded that I liked, but again too expensive.

Ultimately I wanted a 4 door with good MPG and automatic transmission (10 years with a manual in horrible traffic was more than enough.) After looking at a bunch of cars this one seemed to have the most bang for the buck and seems to be a very reliable car. So I went with it.

I got it Sunday and so far I am pretty happy. I am interested in a few upgrades. I am thinking about the arm rest attachment. Maybe an air intake to up the HP a bit. I see the strut stabilizer but I have limited knowledge in cars and I am uncertain how beneficial this would be in normal driving.
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It's a good car, at a reasonable price. There are a few things needed. Srut brace, and intake are great, I still need to put my brace on, I also have an exhaust system. The intake and exhaust really lay the power down smooth, it feels more stable while maintaining a steady speed.
I am hesitant to do too much. I don't know what that does to trade in value and/or warranty. Also I am not sure about the exhaust. I don't want it to be loud or obnoxious. Loud and obnoxious is reserved for my day job.
welcome aboard
Thank you! Any advice on worthwhile upgrades?
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