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I've been in contact with Canaan from Nissan (Engineer) that is on a tour of Japan and Nissan/Nismo among other divisions. He has sent me some pictures that I will share with you all......enjoy. The first three are at a Nissan Dealer in Japan.

I like to thank him for his support of the Versa/Cube community....he has given his permission to post these pictures and will be filling me in on any jucy updates.....but those I can't tell you about.......:wink5:
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Here are a few more sent to me this morning.

The tail lights are the ones I am waiting for to see if they fit the Versa, and Canaan is getting a lot of information for us while he is over there.

I have a ton more but will post later.
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Those tail lights and the new 2010 grill from the US Versa would be a great combo upgrade.

We US owners deserve better upgrades than just a new grill and sport bumpers.
We US owners deserve better upgrades than just a new grill and sport bumpers.
Well I will say on both continents they bill the Versa/Tiida as a family car and good gas mileage commuter. I thought that when I got here I would find a goldmine for the Tiida but it's a mid-sized car here in Japan. They race the 1.2L March in the March Cup. It has way more parts available than the Tiida. But, there are aftermarket companies like Autech and Impul that have special editions available here. We are working to get the details on being able to import everything. So... There's going to be no excuse to not overload VersaSpeed with requests for the rare JDM parts I find over here.:53:
i love those lights... i hope they fit the us version...
yeah those fac projectors are the shizznit!

Wonder if I should wait off buying those aftermarket ones.....hmmm.....
I'm more interested in that grill/hood combo. reminds me SOO much of the aftermarket look of a mazda 3 hatch. sooo sick :) :)

I cant wait for a next generation V to hit the states, I'm certain ill be transferring my finance over to a new car in nooo time haha
welcome to forums! glad to see you finally found us....
lol, everybody from the other forum are coming over here...
Why not go to both places? :) I am loyal to both. They can coexist.
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