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front bumper not sport

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still have the old bumper off the car i will not ship but anyone around the nc area can feel more then free to come get it just took it off the versa when i put the sport on it so its just here any takers hit me up in a text or call 910-354-8005 and its yours, also its white with tribal still on it but i can take that off just a sticker
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Any pics? I wrecked my V so I need a new bumper. Im very interested.
what did you put on the car in place of the old one?
what did you put on the car in place of the old one?
He had a sport bumper put on from nissan. Now he has the non sport bumper, and needs to get rid of it.

and bleach36 i had got the sport bumper for it like versa s 2009 said it looked way better and gave it a nicer look to it



see the big diff lol
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Looks good man, I know you said local only but Im interested on it, if you're willing to ship it. :D
Do You Still Have The Bumper And If So How Much
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