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front clips are not doing there job

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i went and bought some new clips and the sides are still coming out i just spent 50 bucks on 2 clips and the bumper is still not holding right any ideas this is what it looks like

but it still looks good going by

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I had that same problem when I parked my car and scraped the underside of the front bumper, it made the clips break off and bent the brackets. Also the fact I'm on lowering springs and I wasn't careful at the time (happened at night)
we got new clips and its still not fixed idk what it is nissan said theres nothing they can do so we spent 50 bucks for some clips and its not helping
Did you scrape the bottom of it? Or did this just happen on its own?
it just happen nothing wrong with the bumper when we got the car from the bank it had been in a accident so im thinking that the finders or front clip of the car is bent im find out monday cuz this is making me mad
i have the same issue with my v, mines not as bad tho. im just leaving it the way it is till i can replace the front bumper due to an accident i had a few winters ago. Hopefully theres a fix so that your bumper doesnt fall off
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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