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we have an 07 versa. got it with 35,000 miles on it. after about 50,000 it developed the notorious knock that you hear going over bumps.

at 75,000 miles, I did all the shocks, struts, strut bearings, axles, and sway bar links. The noise never went away.

Of course i did all the searching everyone else has done, and was resolved to the fact that it was in the steering assembly.

Fast forward to 125,000 miles. It was time for shocks and struts again. this time I ordered the KYB Strut Plus kit (left: SR4127 / Right: SR4126) and the KYB Excel G shocks (343465) and boots (SB114).

I didn't, however, order strut links. This time, by chance, I ended up at the local Advance that had the Moog links in stock.

After installing everything, the knock is gone......suspension is as quiet as new. I'm 100% convinced it was the cheapo strut links with the teflon joints. The Moog racing links are extremely heavy duty, with grease fittings, and what "feels" like a steel ball joint assembly.

So, if you got the knock, spend the $60 bucks on the quality links and see if it goes away.
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