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Front Lower Brace

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hey folks, i have completed putting all the UR braces on my 09 versa, EXCEPT for the front lower brace.

i am concerned that if i remove the two front bolts and nuts to install the brace, that it MAY give me trouble to re-insert the bolt? anyone have any tips or words to ease my mind? the bolts in question are inserted from the bottom, and a nut is fastened to the top.
i had the car on ramps and was thinking that MAYBE the angle of the car COULD make for problems when re-inserting the bolts, the 2 front ones.

other than that, the car corners insanely!! well worth the mod.
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i recommend taking in to a shop to install... having the car on a lift is way easier then having car up on jack stands or ramps and trying to crawl under
i recommend taking in to a shop to install... having the car on a lift is way easier then having car up on jack stands or ramps and trying to crawl under
ya, i was thinking having my dealer do it on my next oil change. i managed the rear lower brace fine, and the sway bar, lots of room to move under the car.
the front seemed high enough as well using the ramps, easy to move comfortably under the car. but i am just concerned about how easily the bolt will come out and go in.

i'll find out how much they will want to install it. can't be more than a 1/2 job, so 40 bucks maybe.

thanks for the reply.
yes i recommend going to a shop that has a lift
I installed the one on susperskunk's car. Its easy on a lift. need half inch impact gun to get the front bolts loose, and a tapered punch to get the holes to line up easily.
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sounds like alot of work, probably take it to a shop and get it done
i'll take it to the shop. drop it off, shuttle to work, pick up afterwork, done.
sounds good man, you dont have to do a thing but pay them! :cheers2:
Hey, I have a strut tower (Gt-Spec) and have been looking to put in some suspension underneath to. Just needed it to warm up a bit to damn cold here.

Where did you guys purchase either the front or rear brace?

welcome to the formus! where do you stay at?
thanks, will look into it. Any recommendations if I were to go for just one? Front? Rear?

I live in St. Paul Minnesota so it's finally warming up and snow is going away. SO SO SO SO SO SO SO.... HAPPY :hurray:

haha, apparently I've been a member since July just never posted usually am over in nicoclub haha
sway bar is the main one that makes a BIG difference in the rear, and also the strut brace up front.
Cool. Questions though. I have a gt spec strut brace love it. Great for cornering. Will the sway bar also improve cornering. Or what exactly does it do? How difficult is installation? And will it drastically change ride comfort? Thanks. May have some more questions but that's all for now. You guys r super helpful.
sway bar makes a HUGE difference in complimenting the front strut bar. the two go hand-in-hand.

sway bar is simple as pie to install. 4 bolts, two on eitehr side, and you are done.
Alright. Thanks. Pretty sure I'm going to order from that site provided.

Is there any downside to the sway bar?
Does it hang down so if I hit some ice and it rubbed against the bottom it would effect it.

And I keep hearing it goes well with the strut tower but what exactly am I going to notice?
Or what did u guys notice?

Thanks again
since i have had my sway bar in it feels like the car is more responsive when it comes to cornering, but i cant really be to sure, i have 225/45/R17 in the rear and 215/45/R17 in the front so i was thinking that might have contributed to it as well, anyone else care to elaborate?
I guess the handling gets "tighter"....
no danger of the bar hanging too low to catch anything and i noticed the difference immediately after installing , the a$$-end comes around alot quicker and doesn't 'sag', stays level.

put it on and you'll feel it
i have a black mark on my lower front bar, i ran over a tire on the freeway, it marked my bar and killed my Domo hanging from the rear... damn you random tire on the freeway!
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