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Question: is the Front Suspension Member suppose to move at all?
if so, to what degree (how much play)

If Not, Help!

Explanation: So I was in a bit of a bump that bent my lower control arm
"Transverse link" forward backing up when struck something with it

I have that part replace, but now driving around. The car, since I had bought it "used", always made this kinda thunking around Turning and general noisy ride on bumpy roads.

Now its worse.

Investigating, I found the Front Suspension Member Moves when ever you push on the strut assembly on that side, the Passenger side

its moves Quite a bit forward
it may had been from the accident of me Hitting what I had hit. but with it being always been there I just think I made it worse

its most notable at the upper bolt that holds the member stay to the member To the car
The member moves, the Stay doesn't

what should I be looking for to see what is actually wrong with it all
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